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E-Rate Record Keeping Checklist
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The Item (32) certification of the Form 471 states: "I recognize that I may be audited pursuant to this application. I will retain for five years any and all worksheets and other records that I rely upon to fill out this application, and, if audited, will make available to the Administrator such records."

The following is a suggested checklist of information that should be available for an audit for which E-rate funds were awarded. This documentation should be retained for a minimum of five years and should be maintained by YEAR of application.

Form 470
Form Identifier:__________________ Date Submitted:__________________
Applicant:___________________________ Contact:____________________________


Copy of Form 470 (this can be obtained by printing it from the SLD website)


Copy of Form 470 certification that was mailed to the SLD


Verification of Form 470 certification receipt


Copy of RFP or any documentation that is used in place of the RFP


Copy of Form 470 -Receipt Notification Letter (first used in year 4)

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