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Form 472
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Form 472
Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement
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FCC Form 472, Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement ("BEAR") Form, is a special form used by applicants to request reimbursement payments or credits for approved services for which the applicant has already paid the full pre-discount amount. A separate BEAR form must be filed for every one of the applicant's vendors for which reimbursements are due.
Form Instructions
Detailed instructions for completing and mailing a Form 472 can be found:
* In printed instructions accompanying the copy of the Form 472 included in all FCD letters.
* On the SLD web site at: Form 472 (BEAR) Filing Guidance  and additional guidance documents.
* A suggested format for collecting billing data for BEAR form submission is provided at the end of this section.
Preparation Tips
Tip 1: Cooperation with vendors is essential in filing BEAR forms.
The BEAR form requires that the associated vendor sign an acknowledgment (in Block 4) that appropriate discounts will be provided. The vendor's signature must be obtained by the applicant before the Form 472 can be filed. The vendor's signature need not be original but can be obtained, for example, by fax.
* Applicants should send all four pages of Form 472 for vendor review and acknowledgment
* Many of the larger vendors have established standard procedures, typically a centralized fax line, to process the Block 4 acknowledgments. To find the contact point for a BEAR acknowledgment, call the vendor's E-rate contact listed in the SLD's BEAR/SPIN Search database .  State-specific vendor information may very often be found on the States' E-rate Web Site.
* Although the better vendors are prepared to be quite helpful, it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to accurately calculate reimbursement claims for eligible services and properly complete the BEAR forms.
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